The quality of your document is always of highest priority! In order to guarantee this superior quality my translation process is based on several established methods and techniques:

  • Strict adherence to the so-called "mother-tongue principle", i.e., I exclusively translate into my native language, German.
  • Consistent use of Translation Memory systems in which your text is stored together with my translation. This does not only guarantee the consistency within the text and with subsequent translations but also generates synergies and cost savings due to the re-use of already translated text passages.
  • Thorough examination of the translation on completeness, accuracy, correct spelling and grammar, customer specifications, and formatting.
  • Reliable and punctual delivery of your documents.
  • Securing the privacy of your documents and data.



The compensation for a translation depends on numerous factors, such as type of text, extent, complexity, format, method of delivery, and deadline. Please do not hesitate to contact me for an individual quote.